Nuagerie - About us

A personalized service according to your needs!

  • A turnkey solution for all our customers, big and small
  • Powered by innovation and open-sourced creativity
  • Listening to the community and the requests of all our clients
  • Quality before quantity is our motto
  • A team of experts completely dedicated to your success

Who We Are

Nuagerie is a company founded in 2010 that offers high quality web hosting solutions in a secure cloud environment, optimized and monitored 24/7 by several teams of specialists. Our head office is located in Montreal, Quebec, however our infrastructure is geolocated in several data centers around the world. Whether you live next door or in Singapore, Nuagerie will be there to help you.

From the beginning, our motto has always been quality over quantity, which means that we won't rest until all our customers are satisfied. Nuagerie is proud to choose only the best. Our expert team is dedicated to the contribution of your success, which means we always listen to your comments and your requests.

We offer customized services tailored to your needs, be it custom development or complex infrastructure management - we are the expert team you need for a turnkey service.

Why Nuagerie?

Geolocated worldwide

Choose from several locations around the world for your services. Stay close to your customers with our geographic proximity.

Built-in security

We only choose data centers with award-winning security features to better protect you. Only the best on the market will suffice for our customers. Feel safe with 24/7 Human presence and DDoS protection.


The confidentiality of your information is important to us. Nuagerie provides you with a secure infrastructure on which to host your data. Whatever its nature, your data is strictly monitored.


We work hard to maintain a knowledge base chock full of useful information. Perfect for beginners or experts, we go over everything in detail for you.

Open Sourced

Nuagerie understands the benefits of open source, which is why we host several free open source projects and contribute to the community. Even our infrastructure is based on open sourced technology.

24/7 Assistance

Our experts are always available to help you, whatever the time of day. Call, send an email or even send us a postcard - we will be there for you.

Our Values

  • Security
  • Confidentiality
  • Trust
  • Innovation
  • Simplicity
  • Ease
  • Flexibility
  • Performance
  • Efficiency
  • Synergy
  • Respect
  • Honesty

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We listen to you

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