Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer la nouvelle mise à jour du service Imunify360 2.4-37 à 2.4-39 qui s'est déroulé sans problème sur tos nos systèmes.

Voici la liste des changements:

Imunify360 2.4-37

  • DEF-2894: fixed processing high number of MalwareScanTask through the Imunify360-agent that created server load;
  • DEF-2995: errors from malscan are not duplicated in logs;
  • DEF-2935: fixed get_ssl_certs() in Plesk environment, skipped PKCS#1 valid private keys;
  • DEF-3006: reimplemented registration of malware vendors;
  • DEF-3005: fixed logs permissions problem on web scan;
  • DEF-2981: removed malscan license after unregister;
  • prevented yum deadlock in Plesk extension <-> rpm-package cycle;
  • fixed 500 error in cPanel in "getChunkBySize".

Imunify360 2.4-39

  • DEF-3082: fixed Plesk extension installation on el/cl6;
  • DEF-2968: fixed process modsec scan session file fail;
  • DEF-3046: deploy script checks for updates from Imunify360 repo.

 jeudi, septembre 21, 2017

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