Jelastic Cloudlets

Configuring cloud infrastructures so you don't have to

  • A Platform as a Service
  • Fast time to market with a simplified deployment
  • Pay-as-you-use pricing model
  • Packaged templates ready for production
  • Automatic Scaling
  • Bare metal Installation or use any cloud infrastructure

Jelastic takes all the hassle from developing so you can focus on what really matters: your business.

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Why Jelastic? Because It’s Easy!

Easy to Deploy

Deploy Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, .NET and Python applications with no code changes using Docker, GIT, SVN, archives or integrated plugins like Maven, Ant, Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ IDEA

Easy to Scale

Set up the required triggers and the system will automatically scale your application vertically and horizontally during load spikes. The traffic is evenly distributed with load balancers across multiple instances

Easy to Manage

The developers dashboard provides intuitive application topology wizard, deployment manager, access to log and config files, team collaboration functionality and integration with CI/CD tools

Local Data Center

Jelastic is offered by more than 60+ hosting service providers in 30 countries

Multi-Region Provider

Run your applications in several hardware regions within a single cloud provider

Multi-Cloud Configuration

The applications can be hosted on different clouds for advanced high availability

Turnkey PaaS for Production Environments

Jelastic Platform

Wide choice of programming languages and stacks

Run Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby, .NET and Docker-based applications using a rich variety of the most popular SQL and NoSQL databases, application servers, load balancers, cache servers and storage containers - all managed for you.

Zero code change deploy

You can deploy and run different applications with no code changes and zero lock-in. Deploy your products easily with your GIT/SVN (updated automatically), archives (like Zip, War, Ear) right from the dev panel or via integrated plugins like Maven, Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA.

Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling

Jelastic's unique approach to automatic scaling enables granular resource allocation based on the load level. This ensures high availability and high efficiency of your application by making you pay for only the resources consumed.

Legacy applications and microservices support

Our application and system containers support as well as Jelastic's zero code change approach provide the ability to run both cloud-native microservices and legacy monolithic applications.

Intuitive UI, advanced CLI and open API

The developers portal with user-friendly UI includes an intuitive application topology wizard, a deployment manager, access to log and config files, collaboration tools and a marketplace full of prepackaged applications. Access your containers through an SSH Gateway. You can also automate your processes with the Jelastic API and the command-line interface (CLI).

Automatic Server management

Your dev team can focus on coding your applications and services while the PaaS, in conjunction with containers and built-in CI/CD tools, automates the IT provisioning processes, server scaling and the updates to help move throughout your app's lifecycle.

Pay-as-you-use pricing model

There is no need to reserve resources, as the platform allocates them automatically based on the current load and a small scaling step (128 MB of RAM and 400 MHz of CPU). As a result, you'll only be charged your actual consumed resources - not their limits.

Local hosting or cross cloud deployment

Jelastic PaaS is available across 60+ data centers in 30 countries worldwide. Your cloud infrastructure is provided by our partners. You can host your applications within hardware regions of a single provider or across multiple using the same technology.

The Perfect Business Platform

Easily install one of Jelastic's many pre-configured applications


Turnkey Platform-as-a-System with demanded technologies

A perfect combination of PaaS, Docker hosting, auto scalable VPS and a marketplace with lots of pre-configured applications and clustered solutions (like Magento, WordPress, replicated SQL and NoSQL databases, etc).

Managed Cloud Instances

The platform can be run on any of our cloud infrastructures. We manage everything for you, so you get out-of-the-box, highly customizable solutions that can be adjusted to your specific requirements.

Multi-region support within a single panel

Conquer new markets by creating new regions in remote locations. Meet data security requirements, improve your overall response time and provide a worldwide distribution of applications, disaster recovery and availability through a single panel.

Automatic Integration with WHMCS

To speed up the deployment and the move to production, our Jelastic licenses offer instant integration with WHMCS to automate your billing system.

Built-in monitoring and management tools

A full-featured control panel provides tools for getting instant monitoring alerts, maintenance of the whole cluster, customization and tuning, managing hardware regions and tracking revenue growth, as well as troubleshooting a large variety of issues.

Dedicated 24/7 support

Feel secure knowing that Nuagerie offers 24/7 support for all of our clients. Our trained experts are always ready to help you so feel free to contact our technical support team any time of the day.

Our specialists are at your side

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