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 The Difference between SSD and Magnetic Storage Drives

The world of computer system storage devices can be a sea of confusing jargon and a veritable alphabet soup of acronyms, like Solid-State Drives (SSD), Magnetic Drives, Optical Drives, Magneto-Optical Drives (MO). Collecting and keeping consumer information is important if you want to know who to reach and the best method to...

 How to Uninstall LiteSpeed

If, for some reason, you need to uninstall LiteSpeed, run the following command into your console terminal: /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc/ If you still need assistance uninstalling LiteSpeed, please contact our support team by opening a support ticket or by using our live chat feature.

 How to Restart LiteSpeed

If you need to restart LiteSpeed for whatever reason, use the following command: /etc/init.d/lsws restart If that doesn't work or if you're still experiencing problems, feel free to contact us by opening a support ticket or by using our live chat feature.

 How to empty my DNS cache

Overview Your DNS cache stores the locations (IP addresses) of web servers that contain web pages which you have recently viewed. If the location of the web server changes before the entry in your DNS cache updates, you can no longer access the site. If you encounter a large number of HTML 404 error codes, you may need to...

 How to Create and Use Subdomains

Subdomains Subdomains allow you to separate your website into several distinct sections. Subdomains will look like this:, where subdomain is the name of the subdomain, and yourdomain is your domain name. Examples Here are some common subdomains: (used for the...