How to Determine your Server's IP Address

In the case that your server carries multiple IP addresses, it is important to know which one is your primary one. The Primary IP is the one your system uses to make requests, which means Softaculous will use it to determine and verify your license. If it is not correct, then your license may not work properly, therefore it is important to know your primary IP before purchasing a Softaculous license to make sure the installation goes smoothly.

For those that buy our managed servers, Softaculous already comes preinstalled, so you don't need to perform the following steps.

Simple Shell Commands

To determine your Primary IP, SSH to your server and execute the following line of code:

wget; cat ip.php; echo "";

The IP that will appear after executing the command will be your primary license IP.

If you still have questions about your server's IP address, please contact us by opening a ticket or by using our live chat feature to speak with our support team.

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