Addon domains: Brief explanation and instructions

When you sign up for a Nuagerie web hosting package, the first domain registered and/or associated with your account is called your primary domain name. However, you are able to host an unlimited number of domain names (with their own standalone websites and email addresses) on a single account.

These are called addon domains.

Although your primary domain and addon domain(s) are all hosted together on your account, each appears completely unique to visitors and search engines alike.

You may purchase addon domains from Nuagerie at any time through your dashboard. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your Nuagerie Client Area

  2. Click on Domains.

  3. Click on Register a New Domain.

  4. Fill out the secure form and click Continue.

Note: if you register an addon domain through Nuagerie, the DNS settings will be automatically set to our servers.


If you have already registered the domain at a registrar other than Nuagerie:

You will need to provide the registrar with Nuagerie's domain nameserver (DNS) settings. This will allow the domain name to automatically “point” to Nuagerie. There are two DNS settings:

Make sure you use them both.


If you transfer an addon domain name’s registration to Nuagerie, you will need to update the DNS information yourself when the transfer is complete. This transfer can take 5 to 7 days. To speed up this process, make sure to change the DNS entries before the transfer starts.

Once you are registeredregardless of where your addon domain is registered - you will need to connect it to your Nuagerie account once the name is active and the DNS entries list Nuagerie's information.

If you want more information about creating an addon domain, check out our article here:

How to set up an addon domain:


Additional tips

When connecting an addon domain name to your account, a subdomain is created. For example, if you connect addon domain “” to an account with the primary domain of “,” a subdomain named “” will be created. Do not delete this subdomain. It is required for your addon domain to work properly. Visitors to your addon domain will not see the subdomain address and will not know it is there.

Before uploading files to your addon domain, please review this article:

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