Reasons to Migrate your Business to the Cloud

When your website or eCommerce store starts becoming sluggish and your hosting provider has no solution, it is time to consider moving to a brand-new hosting platform. Unsatisfied hosting clients have plenty of options to choose from - standard shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, virtual server hosting, and more.

Many pick cloud migration over a traditional hosting platform since the cloud combines the benefits of typically handled hosting with the versatility and scalability of virtualization.

Just like shared hosting, cloud hosting is a multi-tenant platform-- more than one clients' site is hosted on each server. Cloud hosting uses virtualization and orchestration software to combine many servers together into a big pool of compute and storage resources. The cloud then gives each site a piece of the resources available. This gives each site the power to scale as big as they need to. For example, when a website hosted on our Cloud OpenStack is under heavy load, we can give it a larger piece of the pool instantly.

Here are some more reasons a cloud migration can enhance your hosting experience:


When a website that begins life on shared hosting or a devoted server grows too big, it has to be migrated to a different platform or more powerful server, which can take time. Since the cloud was created to handle these kinds of situations, it makes scaling your business easier than ever. A cloud hosting account has resource limits, but they can be increased indefinitely as the site grows. You will never experience a slow site due to lack of resources again.

Trusted, Redundant, and Fast

Redundancy, performance, and reliability are difficult for even the biggest online services with a large IT department to achieve. For smaller sized companies without such a luxury, a trustworthy, redundant, and fast hosting platform is too expensive and too complicated to construct from scratch. However, after a website is moved to cloud hosting, it gets enterprise-grade reliability, redundancy, and efficiency baked right into the platform.


A well-engineered cloud platform makes it easier to develop and maintain a secure website. Our Cloud OpenStack includes security functions such as web application firewalls, a PCI-compliant hosting environment, and security hardening at deployment.

Fast Setup

A new website or eCommerce store can be launched on a cloud platform in seconds. Large and intricate implementations may take a few hours, however, that is nothing compared to other kinds of hosting, which can take days to be ready for migration. Fast setup has other advantages too. For example, it is quicker and easier to deploy testing and development sites on the cloud. Simply click a button and your new testing site will be ready for you to begin.

Moving your WordPress website or Magento store to a modern cloud platform is the solution for all your hosting concerns regarding reliability, scalability, and performance -- now and forevermore.

If you still have questions about our services in the cloud, feel free to contact us by opening a support ticket or by using our live chat feature.

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