Addon Domains and Aliases

What is an alias?

An alias is a special domain name configuration that allows a second domain name (called an alias) to display the same website as the first domain (called the main domain). Aliases are useful when you want to redirect several versions of the domain name in the browser's address bar to your main domain.

►For example, will go to the same site as - both will go to

This is recommended to avoid being potentially flagged for content duplication by search engines. Aliases are the right choice if you have registered multiple domains that you would like to link to the same website.

How to create an alias

Please ensure that a domain name is already registered prior to adding an alias.

  1. In cPanel, in the Domains category, click on Aliases.
  2. Under Create Alias, enter the domain name (the alias) you would like to point to your main domain and click Add Domain
  3. Once added, it is recommended to create a redirection towards your main domain in order to avoid penalties in Search Engines caused by content duplication. You may configure a redirection by returning to the Aliases screen in the cPanel, and clicking on Manage Redirects in the Aliases list at the bottom. There, enter the full URL (including the http://) of your main domain and click Save.

What is an addon domain?

An addon domain allows you to actually host an entirely separate website on the same account. Your addon domain can have its own email addresses, statistics and FTP accounts, but shares a single cPanel login.

►For example, you can have your personal website linked to your professional site as an addon domain. Both seem independant to clients but you can manage both under the same cPanel account.

Addon domains are great for users managing multiple websites, but are not recommended for websites with heavy traffic or ones that use a lot of resources. Websites that need to be managed by someone other than the primary account holder are also not recommended to have addon domains.

Addon domains are not available with the Starter hosting package in cPanel - consider upgrading to Pro hosting if this is a feature you are interested in.

How to create an addon domain?

Please ensure that a domain name is already registered prior to adding an addon domain.

Addon domains are not available with all packages; Please contact us if you do not see this option and would like to upgrade to a hosting package that supports Addon domains.

  1. In the cPanel, in the Domains category, click on Addon Domains
  2. Under Create An Addon Domain, enter the new domain name you would like to add. The username and document root home fields will automatically fill up with recommended values based on your selected domain name - it is recommended to keep these default values. You will also be asked to select a password with which you will be able to log in to this domain's home directory. We recommend you click on the Password Generator and let the system create a secure password for you.
  3. Click Add Domain and you are done! In certain cases, a short delay will be required before the new domain is functional.

Once your addon domain is working properly, you can publish its content by connecting directly to its own FTP account (which is made automatically when an addon domain is created) or by connecting to the main FTP account and placing all your addon site's files in the new folder that was created for your addon domain.

Note: An alias or addon domain can only be added if the domain name is already registered first. If you wish to register a domain name, click here.

If you still have questions about addon domains, make sure to contact us by opening a support ticket or our direct live chat feature.

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