What is CloudLinux?

In shared web hosting, the most common reason for downtime is a single account compromising server performance for all the other accounts that share the same server. More often than not, that one account’s excessive server usage is due to malware, outdated software or poorly coded/misconfigured plugins or scripts (sometimes, it’s just a significant wave in traffic).

CloudLinux essentially creates a virtual environment for each individual account on a shared web hosting server and allows Nuagerie system administrators to monitor the number of resources any single account can use. While Nuagerie does not meter the server usage of our shared hosting customers, if an account starts to use an excessive amount of shared server resources, Cloud Linux informs our system administrators so that they can step in immediately and protect other Nuagerie customers who share the same server from performance degradation.

To summarize, CloudLinux enables advanced server security, increased server efficiency, and improved stability by monitoring the resources any single user can consume. As a Nuagerie shared web hosting customer, you benefit from a lower server load and fewer interruptions of service. You also get a convenient widget in your cPanel that shows server resource usage stats for your account.

For information on how to view your server usage via CloudLinux in cPanel, view this article.

If you still have questions about CloudLinux, make sure to visit our CloudLinux page or contact us by opening a support ticket or by using our live chat feature.
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