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Imunify360 is the security solution for Linux web servers based on machine learning technology which utilizes a six-layer approach to provide total protection against any types of malicious attacks or abnormal behavior including distributed brute force attacks. If you are new to Imunify360, make sure to visit our knowledge base on Imunify360, which explains more about many of its features. The company itself provides a Getting Started page for those new to Imunify360 as well as an official forum page that allows users to discuss and aid others with their questions.

For the Getting Started page, visit here:

For the Forum page:

If you have questions about certain Imunify360 features not discussed in our knowledgebase or simply want to see the technical details, visit their site here or go to their official Imunify360 Documentation site at

If you still have questions about Imunify360, please visit our official Imunify360 page or contact us by opening a support ticket or with our live chat feature.

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