Official InterWorx Documentation

InterWorx is one of the most scalable and reliable solutions available for managing a server, website, or hosting business. The control panel offers two different interfaces: NodeWorx, which manages the server, and SiteWorx, which manages the Web site. Both of the interfaces work together to make it easier for you to run your company.

Official Documentation

If you have questions about certain InterWorx features not discussed in our knowledgebase or simply want to see the technical details, visit their official documentation site or go to

The site provides a rich library full of useful guides that go step-by-step into everything InterWorx has to offer. The web page guides the user through everything from branding your company to information about how firewalls work.

If you still have questions about InterWorx, make sure to contact us by opening a support ticket or use our live chat feature to get in touch with a Nuagerie agent.

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