Not Secure warning in Google Chrome

Starting July 2018, the Google Chrome web browser will display an 'insecure' warning to visitors of any site that does not have an SSL certificate configured. You can see this by clicking the warning icon in the URL bar to the left of your domain. It appears like this:

Chrome not secure warning

This means you should definitely make sure your website is now using an SSL certificate.

Why is this happening?

Google has been making a push over the last few years to encourage website owners to protect their site and customer's data by using an SSL certificate.

When an SSL certificate is enabled, all traffic within the domain is encrypted. This ensures all communication of sensitive data (such as credit card information or passwords) is protected.

Are other browsers going to display the same warning?

At this time, only Google Chrome is set to display an insecure warning. However, it's likely that in the very near future, other browsers will follow this example and adopt the same policy.

Does it really matter if my site isn't handling sensitive information?

Yes. As of Feb 2018, the Chrome browser accounts for 77.9% of total browser traffic. You can see for yourself here:

This means that most visitors to your site are probably using Chrome. Even if your site does not handle sensitive data (such as credit card information or passwords), your site will still be marked as 'insecure' by Google. Visitors to your site may be concerned about the warning and choose to avoid your site.

How can I fix my website?

To ensure your website traffic is not affected, it's highly recommended you add an SSL certificate to your website. Nuagerie recommends adding either a 'Let's Encrypt' or SiteLock certificate.

Note: A self-signed certificate is not recommended as it will still display a security warning in any browser

If you still have questions or concerns about the not secure warnings, please contact us through our support ticket system or our live chat feature to talk with a Nuagerie agent.

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