What is an Automatic backup?

A backup is a system that copies your data - your files, pictures, folders, etc - into an archive that can be used to restore them to their original state. By creating an automatic (and regular) back up system, you don’t have to worry about backing up your data manually. These can be performed through cronjob or scheduled tasks.

How does the Automated Backup Feature Help?

Data is too simply too valuable to not care for properly. Backing up data regularly will help prevent the loss of important files or severe data corruption. The developers at Softaculous understand that manually backing up data is a lot of work, therefore they created “Automated Backups” that create copies of your installations on a regular basis (with varying frequencies). You can use the Automated Backup feature for new installations as well as your existing installations.

Configuring Automated Backups in Softaculous

1. Backup Frequency allows you to choose when you want Softaculous to backup your installation. Depending on the importance of your files, you can choose

  • Once a Day
  • Once a Week
  • Once a Month
  • Custom backups

2. Backup Rotation: You may also choose how many recent backups you want to preserve.

Not sure which would be better? Let's take a look:

Suppose you choose daily backups with a backup rotation value of 3. Softaculous will perform a backup once a day and will automatically preserve the last three backups for that particular installation. So if you start the automated backup on August 11, Softaculous will create a backup on the 11th, 12th and the 13th.

The latest backup will override the oldest backup, therefore once a new backup begins on the 14th, it will delete the backup created on the 11th. And so on. This keeps your information safe without straining the amount of physical memory available.

If you still have questions about automatic backups with Softaculous, feel free to contact us by opening a ticket or our live chat feature to get in touch with a support team member.

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