How to Install a New WordPress Theme

The most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the Internet, WordPress, makes creating a new website extremely easy. Without needing to know anything about web programming, WordPress allows you to change the theme of your website - it does it all for you!

  1. First, log in to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  2. Under the dashboard menu, go to the Appearance tab and click on the Themes option that appears.
  3. Click on Add New
  4. In the Add Themes page, you can browse through the large selection of themes WordPress has in its library. Hovering your mouse over an option will give you 2 different options - Activate and Live Preview
  5. Once you've selected the theme you want to use, click on Install. WordPress will automatically download the necessary files to your system.
  6. Once installed, simply click on Activate. The theme should now be implemented on your website!

If you still have questions about WordPress themes, feel free to contact us by opening a support ticket or by using our online live chat feature.

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