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The leading platform for multitenancy

  • Improves server stability, density, and security
  • Shield your servers from performance spikes and server downtimes
  • No one has access to your files and processes but you thanks to CageFS
  • Maximize the profitability of your servers
  • Increase your server density while decreasing support costs
  • Works with all major control panels, including cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin
  • The fastest servers – guaranteed

Results you can expect

3 x

Drop in reboots

6 x

Drop in customer suspensions

70 %

Drop in tickets for performance issues

5 %

Drop in customer churn

~ 80 %

Utilization of server resources

Built to maximize security and control

Make Your Server Stable

Stability is the key to success in shared hosting – stable servers make both you and your customers happy. Stable servers reduce churn and allow you to increase density, and therefore magnify your profit. The CloudLinux OS stability features prevent resource spikes and make your servers rock-solid stable, even in the most stressful situations.

The CloudLinux OS Lightweight Virtualized Environment (LVE) is a kernel-level technology that isolates each tenant into their own environment and provides them with the amount of resources (CPU, IO, memory, processes, etc.) that can be used – specific to each individual customer. If the tenant hits the limit, other users will not notice anything, because the offender is immediately throttled. This eliminates resource spikes, server overloads, and angry phone calls from customers.

Make Your Server Secure

Cleaning up a hacked server is a nightmare. Yet, defacement and hacked accounts is something hosters battle on a daily basis. Beyond taking your support team's time, it also tarnishes your company image and causes customers to leave in droves. The main reason hacking is so easy on shared hosting servers is because Linux was never meant to be used by a large number of not vetted users. It is too easy for a hacker to obtain an account on your server (by using a stolen credit card and signing up or by abusing some outdated script one of your customers has not updated for years). After that, a hacker has inside access to the server and can begin poking around, finding low hanging fruit and hacking your server.

CloudLinux OS stops that. With our CageFS and SecureLinks technologies, users are virtualized to their own file systems, preventing any individual user from seeing any other users on the server.

Make Your Server Profitable

The high level of stability, which CloudLinux OS provides, makes every server more efficient, and that allows you to multiply the number of customers on each server without any stress. By preventing resource spikes, you can drastically improve utilization of your servers. Before CloudLinux OS, you couldn't utilize 20–30 % of your server without affecting stability, but now you can have up to 80% of your server utilized at any given time. Profitability is also increased by the high level of security CloudLinux OS provides. Highly secure servers allow your customers to enjoy safe shared hosting, which decreases support inquires.

By setting resource limits for each customer, you also create upsell opportunities whenever a user hits their limit. When a user hits the limit, you can upsell them to higher level or better plan without moving them to another server. Furthermore, by creating hosting packages based on resource utilization and flexibility features, like support of various PHP versions, you could completely change your pricing policy and save old customers while attracting new ones. As a result of this expanded offering, you could increase profits.

Make Your Server High-Performing

CloudLinux OS offers a set of powerful features that greatly optimize performance of your servers. For example, mod_lsapi is faster than any other way to serve PHP with Apache.

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System Requirements

    CloudLinux OS runs on all the hardware supported by RHEL/CentOS 5.x, 6.x, and 7.x.

    There might be exceptions for hardware that require binary drivers that do not have any open source alternatives. At this moment we are aware of only one such case.

CloudLinux OS can be installed on new Linux servers or can convert existing CentOS/RHEL servers with a single script without any customer configs or data changes. CloudLinux’s CentOS-like interface alleviates the learning curve and makes administrators feel instantly at home.

  • If converting Hyper-V servers, make sure you upgrade to the latest CentOS 5.X, CentOS 6.X or CentOS 7.X first.
  • CloudLinux can run inside any virtual environment that supports the corresponding version of RHEL (5, 6 or 7). In addition, images are available for VMWare, Xen, and KVM.
  • CloudLinux successfully runs on AWS, GCE, Azure, DigitalOcean and Linode.
  • Note: there are functional limitations if CloudLinux is installed inside Virtuozzo or OpenVZ and H-Sphere servers.

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