Ping Monitoring

Website monitoring made easy

  • Feel secure knowing your website is monitored 24/7
  • Scans your websites, VPS, FTP protocols, Blacklisting and custom ports
  • Get notified by email or SMS as soon as a downtime occurs
  • Keep an eye on your website from all around the world
  • Oversee multiple websites or domains easily and efficiently
  • Receive intuitive reports instantly


Uptime Monitoring

Test your site from all over the world. Receive up-to-date notifications - in multiple languages, no less! – every 2 minutes if you need it

Interaction Testing

If your server goes down, our monitors will alert you with the downtime length while checking for retest errors from different locations

Page Speed Monitoring

Analyze your site’s or application response times and find the bottlenecks that affect your end-user experience

Reliable Alerting

Feel secure knowing an email will be sent out the moment we detect server issues – we also offer SMS notifications for instant alert response


Find out the cause of any website, server or application outage to resolve issues and prevent recurrences

Easy to Use

Our in-browser monitoring system will be automatically integrated into your account so access your dashboard right from our client area

Still not convinced?

Stay Updated

Keep track of your website’s health by creating a maintenance schedule. Our monitoring services supports time-intervals of 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45 and 60 Min. Want to receive alerts immediately? We can automatically send you SMS notifications whenever our monitors find a problem. We’ll inform you which domain is down, where, and for how long so you stay informed. We also offer blacklist monitors that will alert you if your site has been blacklisted by search engines.


Check instantly on the status of your domain. Our monitoring service supports multiple server location checks so you can have user experience information from your neighbor to your friends across the globe. You can also check from random locations – whenever the server is down, it will check the status in other areas to see how widespread the problem is.


You have the ability to easily edit or delete your existing monitoring services. Set up which domain you want to have monitored, the service type, the interval length, notification settings, and monitor locations all from our easy-to-use dashboard. Change your mind? Enable or disable your monitoring services at the click of a button.


Receive in-depth reports about your site or application’s uptime, load times, response times, and much more. Built-in bar charts and graphical pie charts will help visualize their responsiveness and make it easier to optimize the most demanding parts of your site. Want to view a previous report? The last 20 activity records are always available via RSS.


  • HTTP: Web Server
  • HTTPS: Secure Web Server
  • MYSQL: MySQL Databases
  • DNS: Domain Name System
  • SSL: Secure Socket Layer
  • PINGS: Sends an echo command
  • FTP: File Transfer Protocol
  • SMTP: Outgoing Email Server
  • IMAP: Internet Message Access
  • POP3: Email Server
  • URL: Website Url Monitoring
  • RBL: Spam Blacklist Check Service
  • Keyword: Monitoring a keyword
  • SolusVM: Automatic reboot
  • TCP: Custom Ports

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