EnterpriseSSL Pro with EV Multi-Domain Certificate

The most versatile, Enterprise-level EV SSL certificate on the market today

  • EnterpriseSSL Pro with EV Multi-Domain is Comodo's most comprehensive enterprise-level security solution. Not only do you get all the benefits of Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro with EV – the green address bar, powerful encryption and a considerable spike in your customers' trust towards you – now you have the flexibility to encrypt additional domains on the same certificate. Up to 250 different domains to be exact. Think about all the time and money you'll save when you secure your entire online presence with a single certificate. Best of all, EnterpriseSSL Pro with EV Multi-Domain is backed by the biggest warranty in the industry, $2,000,000 and the Comodo Secure site seal.

Product Summary

  • Validation Type EV
  • Issuance 1-5 Days
  • Reissue Unlimited
  • Warranty $2,000,000
  • Site Seal Dynamic
  • Server Licensing Unlimited

Product Specifications

  • Encrypts up to 250 Domains
  • Issued in 1-5 Business Days
  • Extended Validation
  • Up to 256-bit Encryption Strength
  • 99.9% Browser Compatibility
  • Unlimited Server Licenses
  • Includes Comodo Secure Site Seal

Site Seal, sécurité et encryption

Comodo more than exceeds NIST and CA/B Forum standards with this product. EnterpriseSSL Pro with EV Multi-Domain is available with a 2048-bit RSA signature key or using Elliptic Curve Cryptography.

EnterpriseSSL Pro with EV Multi-Domain features the Comodo Secure site seal, one of the most powerful site seals on the internet. When placed properly on login and checkout pages, the Comodo Secure seal has been proven, by independent research, to boost conversions.

Features & Benefits

This SSL certificate is SAN-enabled. It can encrypt up to 250 different domains at once.

  • Extended Validation, 2048-bit Industry Standard SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited server licenses
  • Comodo Secure Dynamic site seal
  • Unlimited Re-issuance Policy
  • Encrypt up to 250 FQDNs on a single certificate
  • 99.9% Web and Mobile Browser Compatibility
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) capable
  • $2,000,000 Warranty
  • Activates Green Address Bar
  • Highest Possible Level of Assurance
  • Risk free 30-day refund policy
  • FREE Year-long cWatch trial

Assurance & Authentication

EnterpriseSSL Pro with EV Multi-Domain is an extended validation SSL certificate. This means your company or organization will have submit to extensive business vetting before issuance. Th process typically takes 1-5 business days, but can be expedited if needed.


Comodo has backed the most comprehensive enterprise-level EV SSL certificate on the market with the biggest warranty on the market—$2,000,000! That's right, if anything ever goes wrong on Comodo's end and your organization loses money, you're covered for up to 2-million dollars.


When you purchase a Comodo SSL certificate, you're putting yourself in extremely good company. How good? Well, for example, 7 of the 10 top fortune 500 companies in the world are using Comodo branded certificates. If you want your business to be trusted on a level similar to the top companies on the planet, Comodo certificates are a great place to start. This brand is one of the most trusted in the world, as Comodo certificates are the most common SSL on the internet. Online customers are running into the Comodo trust seal on a very frequent basis, and they are quickly recognizing that websites protected by this brand are safe to do business with. As this brand offers a wide range of certificates under its umbrella, businesses of all shapes and sizes are sure to find a security solution that matches their exact needs.

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